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Hotel u Zumera - Hutsul cuisine

Hutsul cuisine

Hutsul cuisine

In our hotel you can enjoy the unsurpassed taste of Hutsul cuisine. Our kitchen offers authentic dishes that enhance the feeling of the atmosphere of the Carpathians and Hutsul culture. Here are some dishes you can order:

Banosh with cheese
: This is a thick corn porridge served with traditional Hutsul cheese, which gives the dish a unique sweet and salty taste.

: This is a Hutsul meat goulash that is made from different types of meat such as beef, pork and lamb. It is served with potatoes and various vegetables, which creates an unsurpassed taste bouquet.

Cabbage with mushrooms
: This dish combines the taste of sauerkraut and the aroma of fresh mushrooms. It is prepared from pickled cabbage and fried mushrooms, which makes it an ideal side dish for meat dishes.

Banosh with fried sausage
: This is a combination of Hutsul corn porridge with fried Hutsul sausage. This dish will give you energy and satisfy your taste buds.

- pancakes made of grated potatoes (in other regions they are called deruna, dranika). Kremzlyk can be prepared with various minced meat. It can be onions fried with lard or egg, or even with minced meat. Then put the ready kremzlik on a plate, hot minced meat on it, and the second kremzlik on top.

We invite you to enjoy these and other unique dishes of Hutsul cuisine, which we proudly offer in our hotel. We are sure that they will leave you with taste impressions and memories of the unique taste of the Carpathians.